Posted by HiImMikeCruz (253 posts) 2 years, 24 days ago

Poll: What should our guild be? (9 votes)

Giant Bomb 78%
Giantbombing 22%

So you're able to make a guild in Nimble Quest though I'm not really sure what it does. Which name should we go with?

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What the fuck is this.

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Lincoln Farce?

#3 Posted by BillyTheKid (535 posts) -

Giant Bomb

I forgot to download this, and am doing so now. Hopefully it is as fun as Tiny Tower started out for me!

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Is anyone new playing Nimble Quest? It's fucking greeeeeeat and the #GIANT BOMB guild is currently getting destroyed by everyone in the world. Recently joined and haven't seen the guild get out of the Top 50 yet really. This game is beyond addictive.