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Sounds like you are in the mindset of 'I have to worry about the world because it's state affects everyone'. 
Honestly, it's a bad frame of mind to be in. If you want to be happy, stop worrying about how humans are shitty and just have fun with what you have in front of you right here and now.

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Million bucks could cure depression.

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@Bucketdeth said:
" Million bucks could cure depression. "
fuck! beat me to it. and the state of the world is making you depressed? buck the fuck up.
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I went to your link but I don't understand what's going on... 
Some anime sold out because it's got boobs in it?

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Go outside and do shit.

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get laid

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This made me slightly more depressed.

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So the world is shit, always been. Big whoop. As long as there isn't a war outside you can go out and bro out with your bros or play video games with them. Then it won't matter what's going on with the rest of the world.

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Dont take anti depressants.

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" This made me slightly more depressed. "




" Anti-depressants. "

Anything but this.
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" Dont take anti depressants. "

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" @trophyhunter said:
" I was very depressed by the shitty sate of the world and how it's only going to get worse.
Then I saw this   and then realized there is still hope for this world yet. ^___^ "
Wouldn't that kind of thing actually make you lose hope for this world? "
He's probably one of those 40-year-old virgins who jacks off to this stuff and wants to find similar people. Wouldn't surprise me, actually. :\
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I find that more depressing than babies getting aids. You are one assbackwards guy, that's for sure.

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That's neat I guess.

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I thought this was going to be about hookers and blow. 
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could be a cure for depression, but not because of the breasts so much as how confusing the story is. 
jump in about episode 12 on youtube if you dare, listen to the song of Mellow Yellow.

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Thats really creepy with that avatar
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Oh my god. That's extremely creepy. I wish you never pointed that out. Haha.

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" Dont take anti depressants. "
if you are clinically depressed they can help, but for the OP who isn't then NO they are not suitable
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I don't think the OP is actually depressed. He just went through 5 minutes of not thinking about breasts. Then he found that. 

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Randomish question that's a bit on topic. 

Since a good friend of mine who isn't really depressed at all has been forced to start taking anti-depressants and I think she shouldn't I was wondering why you two don't really like them?
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This is the best cure for depression.

  One of the best metal bands ever! The song isn't very metal though. ;)
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breasts have a supernatural power over me

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" breasts have a supernatural power over me "
I too have this.
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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" breasts have a supernatural power over me "
You and every other hot blooded male that likes females. = - P
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" Million bucks could cure depression. "
A cursory look at the lives of most celebrates rules this out. 
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@chstupid said:
Thats really creepy with that avatar "
That's the musician who goes by the stage name Aphex Twin. Personally, not a fan. But he makes some funny music videos. 
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@Sincillian:  Because anti-depressants fuck people up. They don't help.
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" @Sincillian:  Because anti-depressants fuck people up. They don't help. "

that's a bit of a generalisation mate - SSRI's can have been proven to help peeps with clinical depression - I deal with peeps regularly in my job, who couldn't function in life prior to them being prescribed. Now their mood is controlled and they can function.  
BUT I do agree for someone that isn't that depressed, then the best thing to prescribe is exercise.
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I was hoping that you would start the thread off with: 
"Boy, hunting all those trophies sure can get depressing."

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@trophyhunter:  You're making it worse.
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The only true cure for depression is to stop being depressed. 
It's all psychological.

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I regularly get annoyed at the world, but then I watch this video, and realise that the majority of people in the world are magnificently ignorant of the universe and that I am less so, and that makes me feel better. Or you can look at boobs, whatever floats your boat. I'm not anti boobs, in fact I am most definitely pro-boobs. But there are better reasons not to be depressed.