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After being a member of this site for many years I have seen the numerous pieces of art that this community has created, and I personally have been blown away that one website can house such a large collection of extremely talented people.

That being said, I am building a MAME cabinet and would be honoured to display some of this artwork in my house by means of my project. I would love to have some GB fan made artwork for the side, control deck, and marquee of the cabinet. I’m not asking for anything specific, in fact I would like for you guys to let your imagination run wild.

If anyone is interested in a side project for themselves I have attached the dimensions of the cabinet that I am building off of. (Design used from Arcade Paradise 3) Also I am planning on sending a small prize as a "thank you" for the design(s) that I decide to go with, if you needed an incentive to lend a fellow duder a hand.

I will also be posting another topic on the fourm as I progress through the project for any interested followers. If anyone would like to take a look at my last project you can see them here: Tetris Shelves

- Would like to leave a 2" boarder that will be black around the edges of the sides.

- Marquee is 26" Wide x 9" Tall

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Cool idea! What process are you planning to use for printing the image on the side of the cabinet? I'm trying to think what format and what quality for an image printed to the side of it would be best.

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I have two options of how I am thinking of mounting the artwork:

  1. Go to a local sign shop and have a mirrored version of the image printed on vinyl decaling. After that I was going to stick it to the plexiglass and mount it to the side of the cabinet with some fancy screws.
  2. Go to a local Staples and have them print the art full size on high quality poster paper, then usuing plexiglass and screws sandwich the poster between plexi and cabinet side.

If you have any thought on this I am all ears.

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@dwigtk: hmmm... I don't have particular experience with either solution, but I do know you would want a protective layer between the artwork and the outside to allow it to last longer.

From either process, though, I'd guess a medium quality at least. 300+ dpi.

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Yeah, the higher the better right? This is why I ask you guys things like this. I am by no means an artist, but I can do everything else for the cabinet.

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Yeah, the higher the better; some printing processes at that size are just more expensive for higher. But sure, higher for the source would be best even if you have to reduce the size a bit for final printing.

So, a MAME cabinet. Maybe something inspired by the kind of pixel art renditions of the Bomb Squad. hmmm...

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In my spare time I have tried to apply my AutoCAD drafting skills to desgining a control board and have come up with something that I am starting to like.

Any helpful comments would be welcome.

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Awesome idea. I'm about to be real busy again come tomorrow, otherwise I'd consider participating. But I have confidence in this community to come up with something awesome. You should keep us posted on how the thing is coming along. I'd love to see work in progress photos and some words of advice for anybody considering taking this on in the future.

Edit: And I see you already said you planned to. I'll keep an eye out.

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@hatking: Yeah as soon as some of the components start showing up I will make that topic. As of now it would just be me saying I am going to start, which is boring.

I think this is it for a finished control panel. On to the sides!