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At theaters, it is pretty common to be able to grab a cardboard tray that unfolds, and you can pour a good portion of buttery goodness from your large (usually one free refill) bag into it for easy sharing. As a disabled individual, I find this nice as I usually bring a spoon with me to get my grub on. These trays are usually fairly deep, which actually makes using the spoon technique much easier. I cannot seem to find these for home use anywhere. Thoughts?

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You could probably find them at a Costco or Sam's Club. Basically, you need to look at place that sells wholesale items that local businesses would buy from.

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If that doesn't work, you could always ask an employee where they get those sorts of shipments from. You might be able to order directly from the source. I work at a coffee shop, and if people knew/didn't care about the convenience/owned the proper equipment, they could easily make whatever they order from us for much cheaper by going through our suppliers.

Also, maybe look for information on the tray itself. Sometimes the company will print their logo on the item. If you find any sort of stamp like that, look the company up, maybe you can order your own stash from their website.

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I don't remember seeing much writing on the box other than maybe some black checkered boxes on the sides (a Regal theater). Unfortunately, I have not been to the movies in a while. Theaters are ridiculously expensive more than ever it seems. It often feels more convenient/beneficial to watch a movie at home given the fact that you can dress in whatever makes you most comfortable.

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It may be worth asking a theater manager if you could buy some of the trays. I bet the chances are equally likely that they would just give you some, too. You may have more luck with this at independent theaters, though.

I also found these - I'm not sure how close these are to what you're looking for, and they seem a little pricey, but at least it may be something to go on:


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Thanks. The ones at my local cinema are similar except it's just one open cardboard box (not compartmentalized).

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I find loading popcorn into an empty cup to be the most efficient way of consuming it

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I read the thread title as "calling all smack/movie buffs". Needless to say I'm super disappointed.