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So I am not a graphic designer or even remotely capable in any design program so I was hoping I could get a little help from the GB community. I need two separate labels and both should be fairly straight forward as it is just mostly text on a solid background. See my ideas below, if interested PM me and lets work out some sort of deal. These are going to be 3.5"X4" (HXL)

Please keep in mind these are fairly dumb ideas, having said that:

Beer 1:

Type of Beer: It is a hefeweizen + honey

Name of Beer: Fly Ass Honeys

Idea: Fresh prince-esque hip hop logo

Beer 2:

Type of Beer: This is a seasonal wheat beer. Cinamon, nutmeg, ginger, dash of vanilla, delicious. I waant this to be halloween-y

Name of beer: Night of the Living Hefeweizen

Idea: something in the vein of the picture below!

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@YoThatLimp: PM Sent. Sounds like a good exercise since I just got Illustrator CS6.