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So the weekend of November 15-17 I'm going to be traveling from Detroit to Chicago so my wife can do her training course. What I need is some suggestions of where to go to eat while in town. I'm not looking for 5 star places, I'm looking for good hearty food. What are your recommendations on where to go? I'll have Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday to kill, so I'll need a few suggestions.



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Lou Malnati's Pizza! It is the quintessential Chicago Deep Dish. You can't go wrong. They have a restaurant right by the Merchandise Mart, which is fairly easy to get to via public transportation

I'd also recommend Hub 51, which is on Hubbard and...ugh, it escapes me. I believe it's a few blocks west of Michigan Ave. Anyway, they have excellent food and a pretty low key atmosphere.

I've also heard awesome things about The Gale Street in (BBQ Ribs, Italian Beef, and much more)...which is near Lake/State as well if I'm not mistaken.

Also, if you're feeling sentimental and "Christmas-y" you could always hit up the Walnut Room at Macy's on State Street. It's a Restaurant/Bar with huge Christmas Displays and Trees. My family and I always make sure to stop there in December.

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That Hooters is ok.

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If you're looking for the best mexican food in your life, anywhere in Pilsen is amazing. It's a small neighborhood in lower west side. They're all over the place and I am telling you they're all top-notch, wether you want tacos, burritos, flautas, etc. Beautiful.

Then there's Chinatown. Lao Sze Chuan Restaurant is easily the best Chinese food for great prices, and one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, period. I know you're probably thinking "Whatever, Chinese food, really?" But I go there a lot and I live over in Pilsen so it's a trip! But so worth it, trust me. There are also tons and tons of Thai places that I've tried and they've all been super tasty up there.

Girl & The Goat is top-notch classic American-style food in the west loop. Not cheap, at all, haha but this is the kind of place if you're looking for a nice romantic dinner out it's the way to go. Simply delicious, and again one of the best meals I've had period.

Wicker Park has some excellent bars. Taps, Fatpour, and The Flat Iron are my top 3. There's also a great restaurant selection up there too, even if you just walk around you'll come across something good, trust me. There's this unbelievable sushi place at the corner of Milwaukee ave anddd Damen I believe? You'll just take the blue line north and get off at Damen and you'll see it to the left. It's a cool blue exterior, I just can't remember what it's called! But it is superb.

Hope this helps you! Comes from 5 years experience of living here :)