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So while the nation was looking towards the presidential elections (understandably so) and there was the crazy weed stuff going on in Washington, Colorado, Massachusetts and Arkansas, here locally, madness was breaking out.

I live in a mid size county in the state of Texas where, shockingly, the legal sale of alcohol has been forbidden since the beginning of time. The sale of booze was allowed in restaurants and bars, but you had to have a "membership" to purchase and enjoy. This usually only meant the establishment you were in would have to swipe your driver's license and you would have to sign some damned form in order to drink adult beverages. It was all very stupid.

For the last month, two groups have been formed in my community. The new blood who demanded this antiquated law be overturned and re voted on (it had not been even on the ballot to vote for since 1979). Then there were the crusty, (usually Baptist) old guard who insisted the community would be damaged beyond repair and to get voters to overturn with wicked proposal. It was going to be a fierce fight.

Both sides campaigned very vocally and it seemed more people were out in early voting than I have ever seen before. It was an emotional issue.

Needless to say, we drinkers won. I will now be able to enjoy my Chimay's, Brooklyn's, Shiner's and Tank 7's without having to drive outside my county to retrieve them.

Small victory, but victory nonetheless.

Anyone else have anything crazy like this happen?

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Marijuana was legalized.

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John Tierney was reelected to Congress in MA despite the real possibility that he was involved with an international gambling and money laundering scheme with his wife and brother in law, who are both being prosecuted for same.

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We had civil unions in Maryland. Thought about voting against it because it wasn't full marriage, but then voted for it. And some stupid thing about letting judges be lawyers at the same time

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@I_Stay_Puft: About damn time.

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Welcome to 1934.