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Yeah it's fun. 
I've gone to see the Astros play a few times, and it's always been enjoyable.

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I have been to some sporting events and while they are sometimes fun I'm leaning towards no. I end up sitting near a group of idiots most times and food and beer are just way too expensive. I rather go to a friend's house and watch it on TV.

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Only have been to a couple Dodgers games. Its almost not worth it, but I do get free bobble heads.

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yes. every hockey game i've been to, we lost but it was still fun to watch 

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its fun, but i have to really like the sport to go

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Of coarse I do! I am an American aren't I? But no seriously I do really enjoying watching games in person. Hockey is probably my favorite to watch live.

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Yeah I like to every once and a while.

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Yea, on occasion, but its too expensive for me to do all that often, went to a pens game last year and my ticket was 140 bucks.

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I have been to a few Bulls games and had a great time every single time.

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I'm not a sports fan. I find it nearly impossible for me to sit and watch sports on TV but there is something about being there live that changes everything.

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Yeah, it's always fun. UFC 124 is one of the best nights of my life.