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This week in hip-hop after the crazy hype of last week between Kanye West, J. Cole and Mac Miller releasing their albums on the same day, another amazing album was put out, for free no less. And this is an album, not an EP or mixtape, with 10 songs that are all sharp as hell.

They'll be going on tour and selling merch on their website, so consider going to a show or buying something if you like what you hear.

Download: http://foolsgoldrecs.com/runthejewels/

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Maybe my favorite song on first listen. Might have mostly to do with that beat.

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Only listened to it once so far. Production is amazing, as expected. A few of the songs weren't really grabbing me though. I'll probably need a couple more listens.

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Completely forgot about this actually

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Fuck yes! Killer Mike is a beast.

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One of the best conceived collabs in years. EL's production's always amazing and Mike slots over it perfectly (e.g. R.A.P music)

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Totally going to go see them! 'Christmas Fucking Miracle' is great, so is DDFH and 'Job Well Done', but the whole album needs to be listened to in sequence. It's also such a great price for an album.

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Oh fuck Sea Legs is so good.

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Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to catch them at Ottawa Bluesfest (famous for almost killing Cheap Trick!)

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Wow that track was great. They are playing in my city, I should totally go see them.