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This poll has too many options, and most of them seem to be only relevant to the US. Because once we allow Pizza Hut, then we have to allow comparable places like Nando's, which as everyone in the UK knows, is the greatest place to get chicken on this earth.

Bit of an oversight, my friend. Also, America should hurry up and get Nando's.

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Somebody's really pushing to get that 10 Topics quest out of the way.

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This poll has way to much options. With that being said Five Guys.

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Krystals Burgers all the way!

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No Dominos?

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Subway is probably my favorite. Wendy's is a close second.

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I haven't heard of over half of those.

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Where is Panda Express?

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@konig_kei said:

I haven't heard of over half of those.

Also fast food is dreadful.

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Steak N' Shake man

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If I had to choose from just the choices on the poll I'd go with Burger King. My real favorite is this local burger chain called Schoop's.

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and yes, it counts.

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@AlexW00d said:

@konig_kei said:

I haven't heard of over half of those.

Also fast food is dreadful.

It's definitely bad for you, but it certainly isn't all bad tasting.

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I've never been to Five Guys (as that seems to be the most popular), but I must say that I was a huge fan of Burger King when I used to go. I also was in love with the milkshakes from Carls Jr, but I liked a bigger variety of food items at Burger King.

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There's a place near us called Vinny's, it's fucking great. However considering my Keto diet, I don't generally go to Fast-Food places very often anymore, if I did and just for taste... probably Burger King.

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I haven't been to any of those places in years (and haven't even heard of many of them, quite frankly), but I used to be rather fond of a Burger King chicken sandwich every once in a while back in my college days.

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I went with Wendy's, but I'd like to give Roy Rodgers an honorable mention even though there aren't any where I live any more.

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So many Burger King votes! What gives? BK is mediocre at best. They don't really excel at anything. I'd take a Wendy's Baconator over anything from BK any day of the week.

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KFC destroys all.

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Only get 6 of those places in the UK I think (McDonalds, BurgerKing, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway and Wendys)
you lucky/unlucky americans

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Five Guys is the best fast food place on that list. The rest, like Taco Bell, Mc Donalds, etc. are only good if you're on a tight budget (high school/college student budget) even then, going to Wal-Mart and getting something from the deli was usually cheaper and healthier than getting taco bell in high school.

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I barely, barely eat Fast Food anymore, but out of those either Pizza Hut or Dairy Queen. I do enjoy me some Stuft Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut (I think they spell it Stuft anyways) and the Blizzards from DQ are goddamn great to have every once in a while. Though the one time I've eaten at Five Guys it was pretty fucking good...

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I haven't frequented fast food joints much, and when I do, I pick what I know. The McDonald's Angus sammiches are alright, the mushroom and swiss is a delight. Mainly, I like the Wendy's Baconator because it's all oily and fantastic. The bacon and cheese melts into a singularity of goodness.

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If you don't eat fast food stfu about it. We don't care about your holy than thou attitude. With that said, I dont eat fast food. :)

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I chose White Castle, because when I want to eat fast food I really want to hate myself (and I actually do enjoy it strangely enough). Though as far as the big 3 major ones I would say Wendy's.

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KFC needs more love.

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It's a tie between Chik-fil-A and Five Guys for me.

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Post pretending you should care about international fast food. Obvious self-aggrandizing follow up comment that fast food isn't good.

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No Round Table Jimboy's Tacos so I had to go with my requisite Californian choice of In 'N Out.

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I don't eat fast food, but Five Guys is really good when I get a craving for it.

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The only way is Sub... Way...?
ok bye

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@Xeiphyer said:

So many Burger King votes! What gives? BK is mediocre at best. They don't really excel at anything.

Yeah I don't get the BK love. Its so bland. But when it comes to vege burgers, theirs is the king!

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I like Subway.

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The only one I don't know is Roy Rogers, yay!

I said Jack in the Box, but Wendy's actually probably beats it for me.

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W. All of the above.

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Hmm, maybe I live in a really stunted area but I haven't even heard of some of these. Chick-fil-a gets my vote though! Mmmm... dat chicken!

On a side note, someone named their chain In `N Out Burger?! Teehee! ^_^

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@VinceNotVance said:

@Boboblaw: Though if it means anything, in my experience, all of those brands in the UK were far superior to the same brands here in the US (with the exception of Burger King, which was as mediocre as its American counterpart). Specifically, Subway has a greater selection of sandwiches & toppings, and KFC is a revelation in the UK.

Yeah subway is great here. When it first came to the UK it was super cheap as well(Like £2.50-3.00 for a footlong I think) but now its like £6 pounds for a footlong
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Shredded beef in honey sauce

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@whyareyoucrouchingspock said:

Shredded beef in honey sauce

frozen honey in beef sauce

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Wendy's. It's the classy fast food joint for classy gentlemen such as myself.

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Chik - fil - a is good, but I gave Five Guys the nod.

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Chick-fil-A is so great...

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It's hard to say because most of these places I only ever order the same 1 item every time so if I were to vote it would be putting my 1 item at one place against my 1 at another.

Wendy's = Spicy Chicken Asiago Ranch omg!

Chick-Fil-A is great but they're a bunch of assholes on the corporate side.

Five Guys is good, too.

I picked Arby's. I spent 3 weeks in South Africa and I got off the plane and got into the car. I hadn't eaten in about a day and it was like 8 PM. I was exhausted. My mom said "Where to?" and I said "TO ARBY'S." My first stateside meal in weeks. Nostalgia!

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Where's Whataburger on this list? :<

I'll pick Sonic, with In-N-Out as a runner-up. Dat cherry limeade.

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I love myself some dirty bird!

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No Chipotle? This is disappointing and the poll is invalidated.