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Edit: All gone now. Nothing to see here.

I just moved and as part of that I went through all my stuff. I found a lot of junk I want to throw away but I also found a couple of extra Whiskey Media/Giant Bomb T-Shirts that don't even fit me which I got after making the Hardcore Dave T-Shirt. I realise I can't sell things on the forums, so if the mods will allow it I'd like to offer these shirts to UK forum members who'd like them. Just trying to spread the Giant Bomb love.

Available T-Shirts are: Chibi Gelatinous Cube (Large), Ryan Narc (Large), Giant Bomb Throwback (Large).

I figure that since the first 2 are either no longer available on the store, or not available in that size I'm not taking away from GB sales. Though the throwback is still available.

All I ask is some money for postage. Post in here if you'd like one or more of the T-Shirts. Mods can lock this if it breaks any rules, but send me a PM with a suggestion of how to give these away without breaking any rules.

Edit: BONUS SODA... I mean, shirt. A large Whiskey Media 2012 premium member shirt.

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Hey, I'd love the Chibi Cube one, if that were possible?

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Hey i'm from Newcastle and would happily take the Ryan one? Thanks.

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I'll take all of them. I am in The England.

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I'd take the Throwback tee.

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I've decided to send them to Fattony12000 since he is a stand up duder and did a good job with the community endurance run for charity.

However, I still have the 2012 blue shirt if anybody wants that.

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No takers for the 2012 member shirt?

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I'd take it if I didn't live it so damn far away. First the weather, and now this heinous injustice!

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I'd love any that are still available :)

I'm in Durham btw.

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@applet0n: All I have left is a Whiskey Media 2012 shirt. PM me if you still want it.

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@applet0n: Sorry, all gone now. Somebody PMd me just as I replied to you and I've posted it.