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Poll: Have you ever purchased glasses from 'Warby Parker?' (13 votes)

Yes 8%
No 92%

Well it turns out I need glasses right about now, again. I don't remember if its been about one or two years since I last purchased glasses. My head/eyes hurt really fucking bad. But!, tomorrow I'm going to the EyeMasters and get me a eye-exam and the works. (Get me that prescription)

Anyway, I've heard about 'Warby Parker,' and I understand that they're sort of hipster.. Are they??. They seem fucking affordable to me. $95 for a pair, and you can order 5 pairs of glasses with your order with a prescription. You keep one pair, and send the rest back. The prescription I can get is like $60. So that seems alright.

For example, these are the ones I was looking at to 'try on.'

So well, have you ever ordered from 'Warby Parker' and is there anything I should know? Uh, well what do you think of these frames, perhaps?

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I do not wear glasses, so I have no opinion on the company. I like the low price, my sister just paid $400 for her glasses (in Canada, where everything is overpriced), and the whole buy 5- keep one model sounds like a great fix to online shopping problems.

Edit: My favourite version is the "Crane" model.

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They do look like something a hipster would wear...

But who cares?

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@monetarydread: Yea, I payed about $400 for my current 'Guess' pair. Texas. I have shitty pretty-fucking-bad eyesight, and a bit of astigmatism. So the lenses usually cost a little more, and come in a bit thicker.

But 'Crane,' eh?. I do like me some 'brown' color. Thanks!

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Hipsters wear flannel and knitted caps when they're not cold, tight jeans while not riding, canvas shoes in the rain, sunglasses when it's dark, and regular glasses without lenses. If you wear glasses because you need them, it doesn't matter what they look like: you're legitimate.

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I am wearin a pair from them right now and have been for a few months now. As long you don't have complicated eye issue, I recommend them to just about anyone who needs glasses. Nice designs, good build and they are cheap.

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@mlarrabee: Ooh!. Neat.

Uhh, well I do like skinny jeans.. I do etnies, nice shirts are okay, not the sunglasses, and no lenses is fucking dumb. So I seem in the right.