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How do i get wiki points?

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You gotta produce content for game pages. Like adding pictures or writing about the game.

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Do work, son!

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@Green_Incarnate: Thank you very much!

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Remember to do some research. and dont copy paste things from ther sites. i have twice written something and it got a no go since it aparently looked a bit like something from Wikipedia even though the structure and wording was really different and less informative. but when i looked it up i could see the what they meant.

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Find pages that most likely haven't been touched.

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find a page that needs more information and then find information on it and post it on the game page. pretty easy stuff if the game doesn't have any information.

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Oh make a new page! But make sur it hasn't been made yet and that it should deserve a page. Anyways Welcome to the site newcomer! I am SexyToad the sexiest.

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Welcome to hell.

Side note: Your views and opinions WILL be challenged and criticized on a daily basis. Enjoy.

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@SexyToad: Thanks!