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I'm living close to a Japanese food store this week, could you give me advice on what good tasting or just interesting crazy stuff to buy there?

I figured the Giant Bomb audience is perfect for this sort of question. Thanks in advance!

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Packs of fresh ramen. Not the dried stuff, like Sapporo Ichiban. Gokuri Grapefruit is pretty good, as far as random drinks go. Suntory Hibiki if you enjoy drinking whisky. Boss Coffee if you enjoy overpriced canned coffee. Kokuho Rose is the best brand of rice.

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If you like Starburst, you should pick up some Haichu. I prefer a good Haichu over a Starburst because they're softer. Also real-ass green tea is really good and good for you. Get the kind with some brown rice in there.

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