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Jeff mentioned that he has 3 hours of tape that he shot of himself at E3, and I want to watch it all during my End of the World Rapture party.

 Jeff said on Twitter " Been recording video of myself every night this week to document the events with the idea of running it all after E3, but it's over 3 hours. "
If anyone else wants to see Jeff's long, uncut 3-hour E3 odyssey, let's petition him to put it up somewhere we can download it.

SUB TOPIC: What are you going to be doing on this Sunday, the predicted End of the World?

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Yes. I mean, I don't remember him saying that- but yes.

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I would love to watch it. That being said I'm sure its under embargo tell after E3.

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I'm all for it!
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Yes, make it so.
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Nah it'll all be edited down into a 10 minute video.

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Sure. Jeff is always funny.

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Would love to see it. just break it up into three separate videos.

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I'd like to see it, must be craaaaazy

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Ah, this explains a weird email that I got from my dad this morning. I knew he was trying to debunk something, now I know what it is.

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Jeff can't post any if it until after E3. If it's not really visual I'd be in full support of an audio only version of the pre-E3 post-E3 Jeffcast.

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If it's just random stuff unrelated to video games I would rather it was edited down.

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For sure, would love to see it.

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He should keep it to himself, but keep bringing it up just to mess with people.

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Yes please. Three hour videos would go a long, long way towards killing my days at work.

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I thought it was 'magnum opus'. 

/latin grammar nazi
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@Old_Corncob: Saturday is the 21st. Sunday we'll all be toast.
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I think I NEED to see it...ALL OF IT

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Im all for it....the end of the world i mean that video is pretty cool though.


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He won't be able to post it until after E3, though.

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why not

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Sure, post it! What's there to lose?

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I want to see it but it'd probably be a bit of an editing job on his part, he'd have to cut out any embargoed stuff for one thing. Also, the end of the world was predicted for Saturday and I'll be cleaning out old boxes in my room to free up some space then.

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I'm all for this unedited, uncut masterpiece.

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I want raw, uncut footage. Don't censor your feelings, man.

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