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Yesterday my dad bought a Kindle Fire HD, and he set up everything as instructed; everything on it works perfectly fine, except for the video. He can't get any of the Prime videos to stream, it just loads and then says there's an error that occurred, and the YouTube videos don't work either, which we're a little less concerned with (or at least I am). My mom has friends that have one, or at least have a Kindle that can play videos, and theirs works fine I guess. Our internet is perfectly fine, and is very good, but there's still that same problem.

We've called in twice to see how to fix it, but Amazon said nothing to help; they said at the end of the second call "Ummm, we can call you later or email you." And so we said okay (email), but nothing has happened so far except for an email that said "Did we help you?" Which it didn't at all. What's up? Does anyone else here have one, and if you can real quickly, check if it works for you? It seems to be that we're not understanding something simple, granted I wasn't sitting there next time my dad set it all up, but I'm sure he did from what I saw; Amazon is screwy right now, or it's the Kindle. Alright, thanks, bye now.

Oh, and my dad and brother own a previous Kindle, though I don't know which one, it is one that can't do video, but is there for reading. I myself have been on the support site for a little while, reading what possible problems and fixes there are, but none of it helps. The videos sometimes have sound, but no video, or vice versa (though I haven't seen any video), and then freezes.

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Anyone? :)

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I have one but have never encountered any problems. Have you tried downloading the video and seeing if that works? Maybe it's having problems with your internet connection trying to stream the videos.

I would try connecting somewhere else and seeing if it has the same problem.

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This will not help, but I'll add it in. A friend of mine has similar issues with her Kindle Fire HD. She had to download a freaking app to get youtube videos to work since they wouldn't run in her Silk browser. I'd suggest looking into the Google Nexus 7 tablet if the Kindle Fire HD owner is still within their return period. The Nexus 7 JUST WORKS in all the places I've seen the Fire HD drop the ball. Plus you can access all the Kindle books and Amazon App Store content on the Nexus 7. Again, sorry for the lack of suggestions but it's something to keep in mind if the issue can't be resolved and the return window is still open.

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@jdh5153: Yeah, he downloaded a movie, it didn't work. We were talking about bringing it to my brother's place to see if it'd work there, but he was kind of jokingly saying it, or at least we aren't really thinking of doing that. I find it weird, 'cause like I said, our internet works perfectly fine, and I believe we have one of the best around.

@Aleryn: I don't think my dad wants to go out and do that, but thanks for the idea; I'm sure you're right about that.

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Gotcha on wanting to keep it. My friend's is playing videos just fine today, it's possible that your particular unit is defective. Try rebooting it if you haven't already. (Hold down the power button for 5 seconds or so til it's fully off)