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HEY GUYS IN THE DC/BALTIMORE AREA!! I'm going to shamelessly plug for a second!!

SUPER ART FIGHT is celebrating its 100th show on MARCH 8th at the OTTOBAR!!

What is SUPER ART FIGHT!? Well, the easiest explanation is Pictionary meets pro-wrestling. Two artists (decked out in absurd stage personas a la classic wrestling) battle on a massive canvas. Every five minutes they're given a new topic from the Wheel of Death (Topics like: Cute Animals on Fire, Stephen Hawking Male Gigolo, Muppet Burlesque) and at the end of a 25 minute bout, the audience chooses a winner. SAF even has a partnership with Cards Against Humanity for "SUPER ART FIGHT Unleashed" shows, which are all 18+ with ZERO photo evidence of their existence because we have day jobs to protect.

For our 100th show, we're going all out and making it homecoming themed. Live band, even MORE ridiculous costumes, photo booth all of which is at a bar. So, like high school homecoming without the bad DJ and crying alone in your car.


If you're interested, you can check out more details about this weekend's show HERE.

And if you can't make this weekend or want to see if we're having a show in your area any time soon, check us out HERE!! Or just search #SUPERARTFIGHT anywhere hashtags are accepted.

-Rob AKA El Russo Rojo