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Not looking to spend too much and wanted to know if any of you have good tvs that you're enjoying and can recommend,it will be used for gaming.

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What's your preferred size for a TV/Monitor?

If you are in the 20-25 inch line, I highly recommend the Asus VH238H or the VE247H since they show a really nice picture as well as being near-lagless. They are the successors to the popular VH236H aka the EVO Monitor.

If you want to check other monitors/tvs with minimal latency, check Display Lag.

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@budwyzer: looking for new I don't trust buying used/refurbished and would only buy a tv online from amazon because they make everything very simple if it has to be returned and I also have prime so I get free shipping and discounts thanks for the suggestion though.

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Yeah, depending on what size you are looking at getting, a monitor might be the way to go.

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@soldierg654342: @thephantomnaut: yea I think I may go with the monitors they aren't expensive seem to have good reviews and will hold me over till my ps4 gets here and I get a nice tv. might be kinda frustrating at first playing on a smaller screen being that my tv was a 42 inch but it was like 8 years old and the picture quality will probably be a lot better on these monitors than it was on my tv.