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Does this statement still hold true in 2013?

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What? That was about this shitty fake ass rock band game.

So you have no context.

Edit: I just understood what the fuck you said. You still suck.

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still true

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As long as the world keeps spinning, it's true.

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NO ONE is more authentic than Kid Rock.

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Not even Dave Matthews is more authentic than Kid Rock.

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Except Jack Tretton.

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If by "authentic" you mean "totally garbage," then yeah, totally.

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Ok since it settled that it's impossible lets discuss some contenders

2012 Runner up

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@mosdef: well technically cain is only the 9th most authentic.

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I don't know, what? Nickelback? They are music....still alive right? What's going on, I don't even know what this thread is about?

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I don't even know what's going on.

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NO ONE is more authentic than Kid Rock...and Yelawolf.

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Nope. This year, no-one is more authentic than Riff Raff.

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For those who are hopelessly lost.

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@mlarrabee: WOW Shit just got real! You should have put a disclaimer in the post. How did you even find that? Ok Ok Ok Im just going to go ahead and say it... Kid Rock better get on his A Game or he will get dethroned this year. There I said it.

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@mosdef: Oh, you're gonna have to ask @jeff about Riff Raff. Jeff knows a thing or two about Riff Raff...

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The kid rock eat the shit out of mitt romney ass for dinner worse than mario lopez

The Iron Sheik
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Only Uncle Kracker rivals the authenticity of Mr. Rock.

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What about Shaggy 2 Dope?

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I feel as though we must be kindred spirits as I was about to post that exact same thing.

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