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I'm taking Nolan Ryan on this one.

I don't care if Mike Tyson puts his hands in front of his face, when he takes a 100mph fastball to the head and neck area followed by several more, over and over, he's going down.

And if Tyson does get up on him, I think Mr. Ryan could probably handle himself.

In this picture, Nolan Ryan is 46. The unlucky fellow he's pummeling is 20 years younger.
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You're kidding yourself if you think Nolan Ryan in his prime could hold his own against Tyson in his prime.

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At best Nolan Ryan can get 2 pitches in by the time Tyson reaches second base. Even if the first pitch hits him in the nuts and stops Mike Tyson enough to get a third pitch in I don't think it'll be enough to put Tyson down.

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Tyson, cause he is a ear biting, pigeon racing, first round knockout crazy motherfucker.

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Anyone saying Nolan is insane. Tyson could dodge a fastball.

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This isn't bat vs. knife. There is no way Ryan could stop Tyson. Not even if Ryan was in his prime and Tyson was who he is now. With the caveat that Tyson had to run in a straight line and could not duck, weave, or block the balls, Nolan might win.

If it were Tyson vs. Rollie FIngers, now that's a different story...

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@ThePickle said:

If it were Tyson vs. Rollie FIngers, now that's a different story...

He wouldn't even need the baseballs. One-hit K.O. from the moustache.

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Tyson in his prime would absolutely destroy Nolan Ryan, its no contest.

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There's just no way Nolan Ryan could win.

At best, he might be able to get off one full speed fastball, but it's almost assured that Tyson could dodge it. Even if Tyson didn't totally avoid it, anything but a headshot probably wouldn't down him.

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Honestly the only guy that might be able to take down Tyson with several baseballs would be current Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman and his crazy 106 MPH fastball.  Even then  he has a slim chance of downing Tyson before he reaches him.

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Cal Ripken Jr. could take 'em both... at the same time!

And Rollie Fingers could take all three of them!

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Nolan, face or nuts and tyson goes down, also Nolan is fucking awesome, enough said

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Mike Tyson in his prime could easily kill some one who isn't a boxer.

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I like Nolan Ryan, but c'mon Tyson is next level crazy.

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Baseballs aren't bullets and they don't curve (a lot) either. Tyson would just dodge them until he reached Ryan and would destroy him.

(Tyson is actively dodging punches from arm's length away during fights)