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When thinking about moving from one city to another, one of my main priorities is what sort of internet connection i could get.  Followed by, how long will it take to drive to and from work.  
What does it say about me that I would rather have a good broadband connection than a short drive to work? or other geographical preference for home location?
Suffice it to say, I don't want neighbors on the other side of walls, or ceiling/floors is greater than all desires for the next place I live.  Sometimes you want to set off a Bombcast that rattles all the windows... and neighbors might call the cops.

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i think that is pretty good ideally.  i don't think i could do anything without internet. cable i could deal without because the internet has a lot of things that a person could do there.
what about cable? 

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Makes sense for the times we live in. Pretty much everything we do is connected to the internet, so what you can and can't get is rather important. At least for the majority of the kind of people on sites like this.  
If I had a job and was moving for work reasons, I would easily sacrifice a bit of internet if it got me closer and cut a ton of time off my drive to and from work. I HATE driving though, so that's why it's higher on my priorities. Plus I have lived with dial up all my life, and only in the last few years had access to a 1 MB DSL line. So as long as I don't have to use dial up again I'm happy with any internet. A 1MB connection is more then enough. You might have to count to ten to let the odd video buffer before it plays, but it's fine.
Remembering back when I went to college, my priorities for finding a place were pretty simple. The cost of the apartment and whether or not I had to live with people were tied for the two big deciding factors of whether or not I would even consider the place. After that there really wasn't much else to pick from. It was a very small city and all the apartments were centred around the college, it was a college city that I don't think would exist without it, so distance wasn't that big of a deal because the college was less then a KM away, and all the stores were just a cross the bridge.