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I made this video to show you giant bombers how wonderful the psp go can be when used to its potential. I use it daily for everything from listening to podcasts to playing games and watching cartoons. I never understood why thy didn't better promote just how convenient it is to have all your crap there. It also has a good enough internet browser and you can make calls with it using skype. It was a failure, but only in terms of sails numbers. As someone who grew up with a PS-One I can say that it is amazing to be able to play games from my childhood on a portable system. And with Playstation Plus you constantly get free minis and ps-one classics so my Go always has fresh content. Here's a quick and dirty video i made showing my PSP Go. (I promise the video isn't youtube spam, the video is unlisted so you need the link to see it, plus the quality is crap so i wouldn't want it to be public. Feel free to give it thumbs down and leave nasty comments on the video, once again it is unlisted.)

So what do guys think. Have I made you hate the PSP Go a tiny bit less now? Have i shown you how great it can be?

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Oh man I can't believe you used that song. Way to make me not take your video seriously right from the off.

As for the PSP Go itself, no. My Phone can do all that. And I don't like PSP games so not for me.

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@EuanDewar: I changed the song just for you. :)

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Nothing was wrong with the Go to begin with. The only thing it did wrong was not live up to Gamer Entitlement.

Music choice made me angry though.

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Really, the only thing the PSP Go has over the PSP 3000 is the fact all your games are stored on the system and easily accessible (a huge plus for portable gaming). The problem is the PSP Go came out at a time anyone who wanted a PSP Go already owned a PSP 3000. The sales pitch for the GO was basically: Hey, buy the newer version of the handheld you already have, but you'll also have to re-buy any games you bought on UMD if you want to play them on this new handheld. Oh, by the way, it's sketchy at best whether the games you want will actually be released on PSN so good luck with that".

Not to mention, with the PSP Go you are locked into whatever region you live in. With my PSP 3000, I can buy a game from another country and comfortably play it with no issues. It also means you are locked into whatever price Sony decides to charge for it, whereas with a PSP 3000 you can almost always find a good bargain on places like eBay.

Finally, your video didn't really show anything that made the PSP Go unique. Everything you showed, I can also do on a PSP 3000.

@Atramentous said:

Nothing was wrong with the Go to begin with. The only thing it did wrong was not live up to Gamer Entitlement.

Music choice made me angry though.

So entitled has now been changed to include "having a legitimate problem with something, and not liking it due to that problem"? I better go and update my dictionary then :)

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Am I back in Mexico? Nooooooooooooooo!!!

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The only reason to own a PSP was for the emulators. Then it became the best handheld ever made. No point in owning a PSP if you haven't got homebrew on it.