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Comicvine & Animevice have a battles, artist-showoff & fan-fic forums? Why don't GB get them too? Can we get them?

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I really do think we need more Giant Bomb slash fiction, guys.

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Fun fact: Giant Bomb already has over 200,000 forums...

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@beachthunder: Ah so. CV & AV does too lol. I'm just asking for 3 more forums. I mainly want a battles forum but other people may want a fan-fic or artist forum.

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Battle type threads are basically considered spam on GB from what I recall.

Fan-fic of games would go into that game's (or franchise) forum. Fan-fic of staff gets creepy fast.

Art stuff again usually goes into the game relevant forum, or in general if it's to do with a feature request art.

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What if, like, the whole internet was one big forum? And, like, everybody does their part to keep it running? Everybody could live inside the internet, man... we'd grow our own food, and, like, nobody owns anything but we all own everything, right? We could just put everything in, like, a box! And when you want or need something, you could just go to the box and borrow it!

And every Saturday, we could all squeeze into a giant tube, and... umm...

Everything in a box, man!

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Giant Bomb has plenty of forums as it is. If you want to argue over what fictional characters would win in a fight, take it elsewhere, please. This is a SERIOUS website about SERIOUS topics like video games! Not frivolous NONSENSE like comic books or anime!

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@xlab3000 said:

Comicvine & Animevice have a battles, artist-showoff & fan-fic forums? Why don't GB get them too? Can we get them?

They're banned, regardless of what happens on Comic Vine. Giant Bomb isn't even affiliated with Anime Vice and hasn't been for 2 years.

Giant Bomb forum rules

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Because Internet idiots get into internet arguments over Goku/Superman and it's a waste of everyone's internet time.

Art threads and fan-fic do exist in their respective game forums and General Discussion/Off-Topic. There was a photography thread (started by Marino/MB, I think?) but it faded into obscurity many moons ago.

Short answer is the mods hate fun and they hate you too.

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System Warz, plz

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This isn't Comic Vine or Anime Vice. Battle threads, system wars, fan fiction, alt accounts, and role-playing are not going to fly here. Please consult the forum rules for some more info.

With regards to the art stuff, we don't have a separate forum for it, but if it's Giant Bomb or video game related, it'll likely be acceptable for you to post it.