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I thought it would be pretty rad to see other duders pets. Guess I'll go first, here is a pic of my pug hanging out on a quilt of pugs made by my girlfriends grandma.

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It's an older picture, but he looks about the same now as he did then.

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My dog Max and my leopard gecko Raz.

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Spent my first Christmas in 10 years without this beauty.

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@sergio said:

Spent my first Christmas in 10 years without this beauty.

Is that an Alaskan Husky? What a gorgeous dog.

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This is my 5 month old kitten Jack, he has one eye. I adopted him in October, he's great.

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This is Lucy. She's fat and dumb. But very sweet (She has lost weight since this picture was taken)
This is Bo. He passed away last year. Sorry to bum everyone out.

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@thebluthcompany: Damn that first dog has some ba-dunka dunk.

That mop over there is my dog.

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@i_stay_puft: She's a very weird mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. We thought she was going to be a jumper.... nope. Also your dog looks very huggable.

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@9999dmg: Your cat and my pug could be great friends. My pug was attacked at a young age and lost the ability to see out of one eye. With their powers combined they would be unstoppable.

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blobby the hedgehog demon the dawg ayanami the tarantula and dobbie the doggy