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Did anyone else watch? After last year's awful showing, I thought that the dunk contest would be pretty much done with, especially after seeing Ibaka and DeRozan as participants. But every dunker -- even DeRozan, who mostly ripped off Iggy a few years back for most of his dunks -- put on a good show. Blake Griffin's last dunk (the car one) went by a bit too fast; you could see the cameras having a hard time keeping up with it; and I doubt he intended for it to go that quickly; but I also think that the Clippers management didn't want him to put a ton of risk into a dunk involving jumping over a car, so they just had him play it safe and jump over the slight hood. Aside from that little nitpick, though, I'd say the guys put on a pretty entertaining show, with a few of Griffin's dunks living up to his overall hype (the elbow one especially).  
I'm hopeful for the All-Star game tomorrow, however, I can't recall a single All-Star game in nearly a decade that I enjoyed watching. Oh well, at least tonight was fun as opposed to last year's. What did you guys think?

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I wasn't impressed by Blake. It was just another year of "whoever's popular wins". His honeydip dunk was done already. His car dunk was extremely bland. His first 360 dunk was kind of impressive, but he effed it up a few times. 
I was most impressed by Serge, which is tough to admit since OKC is a rival team.

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he's good but still not that great... 
he should have won based on all his dunks during  the year so far.. 
ps why can't i see what i'm typing?
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Blake Griffins car dunk was a few moments of "oh wow this will be fucking awesome".... followed by "oh... no its not.... its ok, i guess"

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They were okay.

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yea it wuz.  everybody had tight dunks.  liked ibaka goin off the free throw line and blake jumpin over the car wuz prety cool he had to get alot of air for his knees not to hit the hood.  blake is going to be something in the future.  
anybody watching the game tomorow?   D Rose is gonna kill any bulls fans??
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love all chicago team .... da bulls    da bears.....    da cubs
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 hell yea!  dam packers had f it all up lol  well be back strong next season!
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Griffin definitely didn't win the battle of most creative dunks but the level of difficulty of most of his dunks were all very high (except for the last one), especially the lob elbow dunk, which is much harder than he made it look. Also I think DeRozen would have had a better shot at winning against Griffin than McGee did if he hadn't messed up so many times on his first dunk. What McGee did was more impressive given his size, but slam dunk contests aren't very kind to big men in general (i.e. Howard lost to N. Robinson in '09 despite putting on arguably a better show). Also I agree with the commentators that Ibaka definitely got shafted on his first dunk which should have been a 50 given that he jumped from further out than any other competitor before him.

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It's still flawed. Demar and Serge put a lot of time and preparation into this only to not be able to show off their best dunks. 
They should make it 1 round only, 3 dunks each. Judges determine the winner.

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Griffin didn't deserve to win the award with that performance. 

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I wish we would've gotten to see Ibaka's last dunk. The amount of showmanship he put into the first two rounds was impressive enough.

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Griffins first dunk would have been unreal if he didnt mess it up, his other stuff was not as impressive.  
Demar's second dunk was sick.  
Ibaka should not have done the freethrow line dunk, it was really impressive but its been done too many times 
McGee's only good dunk was his first, the three ball dunk didn't look nice 
Overall it was better than last year, but you knew when they let fans vote Griffin would win no matter what he did.

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Whoa. My mind has just been blown. I didn't even know the Dunk Contest still existed.

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I wanted to vote for Demar.
Blake's victory was sponsored by Kia and the NBA.  The had all that stupid pagentry before the last dunk was even fucking done.  This year had some decent ones, but it was still pretty bad.
Two Vince Carter dunks and a Dr J.  I wonder how many times Dr J has seen someone do the freethrow at a contest he judged.

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i was more impressed with Blake pulling out Vince Carter's hanging dunk. But what made this one better was the fact that they had coaches. especially Jet and Webber, since they know how bad the dunk contest has been for years. It just helped with the creativity of the participants.

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Anyone know of an archived version of the whole contest?

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I thought it was awesome, but once I remembered that people txt in to vote I knew Griffin would win it, which seemed kind of boring.

But the dunks themselves were sweet this year. I think Serge should've got more points for his free throw line dunk seeing as he outdid MJ and Dr J...

I wonder if the better quality of the contest this year had anything to do with the coaches that each player had. I think it definitely helped the contestants get a bit more creative. Hopefully they keep it up huh.