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Honestly, if I were to change from iPhone, I'd go for a Windows 8.1 phone. There is integrated support for you iCloud account and has the best interface in smartphones. In my opinion, iOS and Android are too similar to be satisfying enough.

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Windows Phone is good, but app selection isn't as robust as it is on iOS or Android.

iOS is easier to use overall and a lot of apps are here first and updated frequently. You're also not going to be waiting for your carrier to approve updates like non-nexus phones.

Android is great if you want a lot of options for how your phone works. I personally use a Xperia Z1s. I've used the nexus 1 & 4, LG Optimus T, Samsung Galaxy S & S3, Motorola Droid, HTC Aeris & One X+. Enjoyed the variety, but pre4.1 the lack of updates was a huge issue for me.