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Two Best Friends Play is a Machinima web series'. It's just two friends sitting down and playing a game, kinda like a QL, but without the informative part. In my opinion, Machinima has went from being a great source of video content, to something just awful. (personally, I think their downward spiral started when they tried to revive Arby and the Chief without the original director) Machinima used to be an awesome place that could highlight great directors, it was your one stop shop for finding good machinima, without having to sort through hours and hours of crap. Now-a-days though it seems to be all trailers, CoD gameplays, and bad shorts. Anyway I'll stop ranting about Machinima now. TBFP is the last series I actually enjoy on machinima, and it seems they're fans of giantbomb, because in their latest video, Two Best Friends Play: Shadows of the Damned, they made a "I'm a Wizard" joke, which put a smile on my face. 

(The reference is at 7:35)
(If you thought the video sucked, I get it. Some of my friends love this show, and some think it's awful. If you do like it though, I suggest watching their Super Punch Out or Duke Nukem episodes, this is actually one of their worse videos, they pretty much just yell whenever something strange happens.
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Not specifically this guy, but people in general

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Have to admit that made me chuckle when the dude blurted it out in the heat of the moment.

Edit: didn't listen to the rest of their commentary, just skipped to the Wizzard bit

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Isn't machinima just a youtube channel? Why do you talk about it like it has any meaningful history?

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I saw them do LA Noire.  I don't seem to remember them being quite as freaking obnoxious in that one, but I could be wrong.  I'm having trouble even getting to the point where they do the Giant Bomb reference without wanting to turn it off. haha...

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So you're saying I should ignore the fact that these two are a pair of annoying twats just because they know about a website I like? 
Uhh.. no.

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They also quote "Rider meet horse, horse meet rider" in another video of theirs.

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Is it a requirement to make a thread every-time GB is mentioned somewhere.

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@zombie2011 said:

Is it a requirement to make a thread every-time GB is mentioned somewhere.

pretty much

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Jesus, I actually fast forwarded to 7:30 since all I wanted to see was the reference, and in those 5 seconds they made me hate them with their screaming.
EDIT: Went back to watch some more after people saying how horrible they are, and they seriously are. Mom jokes, making fun of developers they didn't recognize, and failing to recognize the awesomeness of Garcia Hotspur all in under one minute. Not to mention the horrible editing cuts.

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They also played Deadly Premonition, which made me think they went to the site.

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am i the odd one out and say i actually like these guys  
edit: im ashamed to say i don't know where the "im a wizard" gag first apeared
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@zombie2011 said:
Is it a requirement to make a thread every-time GB is mentioned somewhere.
This....its not like Giantbomb is some small underground website.
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@Jason_Bourne:  I believed your rant about Machinima's downward spiral, but then i watched the video, and I realized that i no longer believe the opinion of someone who likes such a video :P
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They also referenced "rider meet horse" in their Duke Nukem Forever video.

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It continues

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@RedRoach: You didn't mention that they referenced Giantbomb TWICE. The obvious one was the bit about the Wizard, but when the dude was shouting "Shoot that guy", that could have been a reference, too. (It could just have easily been a coincidence, though.)
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I wonder what their profile on the site is.

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They talk about Giantbomb every now and then. Nice to see that kind of stuff. Like when Max mentioned the P4 Endurance run in an Akihiko challenge video.

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clicked, then immediately un-clicked

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They reference GB quite a bit. There's plenty of "hit that bigass ramp" references in their videos.

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Oh, you mean Rooster Teeth?

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@Milkman said:

Oh, you mean Rooster Teeth?
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You're not cool when you try to blindly insult TBF.

In fact, it makes you look like an asshole who hates everything that's not Giant Bomb.

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I really liked season one and part of season 2 and haven't really watched this show since. but, it's definitely cool that these guys are fans of Giant Bomb, at least in my opinion. Thanks for reminding me of them, Might have to go back and watch everything I missed.