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Whenever a dumb idea for a domain name is mentioned in passing on some type of GB A/V content, someone in the chat inevitably picks up that domain name pronto.

Upon hearing this week s bombcast, I decided to check out some registrars, and discovered that there is a dot limo extension. So I wanted to try to buy www.ididitfortherock.limo

I went to godaddy, 1&1, gandi, hover, namesomething, and a few others, expecting the deals advertised on TV. 99 cents per year. Now even if it became ten bucks a year from year 2 onwards, I'd still be okay with it. An extra 3 bucks a year to avoid whois listing = also okay. I feared that those 99 cent deals would be a the domain cost only for customers who spend 10$ a month on a 1TB hosting package or email package. And while that was the case for a few of them, most seemed to be charging $80-$4000 per domain no matter what hosting space or design a website software DVD package you tacked on. Prices also varied by name. www.wwf.xxx for instance, the address for the Salty Bet but for wrestling games dream project I hope to make reality, would go for $90. But the asking price for www.wwefiguresandreplicsbelts.peru.com.au would cost $2000 per year.

There must be a cheap place to buy websites if so many people here do it. Help my dream of a site filled with nothing but highlight videos of wrestlers blowing up Lincoln Town Cars come true.

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One.com is pretty cheap.

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@truthtellah: Squarespace isn't exactly the best place to register domains. I think you can only get one if you register for a year of hosting.

I recommend Hover for your domains, but more than anything, I just recommend that you DO NOT use GoDaddy - those guys are terrible and will nickel and dime you for every little thing.

As far as the pricing, don't expect anything less than $5-15 per year. A lot of the significantly higher prices you're seeing are likely because you're looking at these less common top-level domains like .xxx and .com.au that are always going to cost significantly more than something like a .com or .net.

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Price is highly dependent on the top level domain (.com, .net, .xxx). This is why the .xxx is pricier than the common ones (.com, etc.) and the .peru.com.au seems to be exclusive to that country which is why its damn expensive. I used namecheap.com but i dont register that much domains.

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@chaser324: heh. I was mainly just making a dumb GB inside joke, as per the title. I know domains aren't their primary service. :)

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I've used namecheap.com and they seem alright. I don't really have much experience in the area though so I'm curious what others use too.

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@truthtellah: yeah that's right, I heard squarespace.com is the shit. Just ask my monkey

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I read somewhere that starting on April 30th .zone domains will become available. Any registrar that lets me get lang.zone is OK by me.

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When is .fart going to be available? I have a clownpenis that is waiting to be registered!

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I use Namecheap. They makes things fairly easy. Hosting includes a CPanel account so you can do basically whatever you want with your sites, unlike Squarespace, where you can only get that degree of freedom with pricier plans.