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So I'm building up my collection of gaming related goods to finish off the game room / man cave. I normally pick things up at trade shows. What are some good online sources to get some nice things to put around a game room. For instance I have some Castle Crashers figures in cases, Left 4 Dead movie posters.

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It depends what you want. Walls360.com has a bunch of EA properties for their fathead type decals.

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Nice! I think I'll be ordering some coasters tonight, thanks! I've been roaming Thinkgeek.com as well but not much really worthwhile there. The publisher websites for specific games have some great stuff but it all costs so much -_-;

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@endaround: If the larger ones weren't so expensive, I would buy so many of them.  Very nice looking. I'd have an Illusive Man hanging over my TV and a Citadel next to my bed, with an N7 on the wall to keep the villainy out.
It's like my childhood all over again, but instead of Britteny Spears and Pokemon posters, it's Mass Effect.