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I'm currently running this thread but I'm getting some wierd problems.
I always have used Firefox but everytime I add a name or spoiler to the table firefox crashes for 5 seconds before finally implementing my changes.
I thought I would try another browser but for some reason both Chrome and Safari won't make a spoiler. Is there a setting I can change somewhere to fix this problem? 
Thanks in Advance

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Spoilers have always been mad jank, I have had very limited success with using them on firefox. Usually they can't be clicked on to open or start open and won't close. They just suck.

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@Xeiphyer: Firefox for me is the only browser which actually makes them work lol
What browser do use at the moment then?
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@X19: Still Firefox, I just avoid using spoilers =P
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Well as you can see from my thread I kind of like them. Guess I will just have to suffer the constant crashes for now then.