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Hello duders,

I started a project about a year ago and after a long busy year, I finally got some time to sit down and finish it.

Let me know what you think.

Here they are in the midst of painting. And before being hung on the wall.

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Beautiful! And great attention to detail having every block represented. And it's especially awesome that it's all off the ground! You must have some sturdy studs.

Just be careful that you don't put another straight vertical piece on the right or all your shit's gonna disappear.

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This is amazing!Not sure I would have the patience to do it but I admire yours. This is too cool and belongs in any gamers room

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Well it's no birdhouse, but it's pretty good...I guess.

Nah, it's awesome. Of course, you know now you'll see those shapes in your sleep. No escape, dude.

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Wow nice work. Are there any joins or are they glued/nailed?

Have you thought about getting some opaque curtains (or no curtains) to go with your sweet shelves?

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That's so awesome! Wish I had the patience to do something like that.

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This turned out great. I've always wanted to do this myself because it seems like a fun project but I'm not nearly good enough with wood working. Anyways, glad you got to finish it.

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Thats really awesome!

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@afrofools Each Tetromino is made of an individual 10" x 10" x 10" cube that were then nailed and glued together to make a Tetromino.

I use Google SkecthUp to design most of my projects. It's easy to learn as far as CAD programs go and give you a bit of a game plan before you start cutting. Even made sure all game case sizes would fit.

This was the initial design, placing of the blocks changed a bit.

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That's awesome. I have wanted to do something like that with an old 8 bit thing where each pixel is a box. I don't have anything to put in it though so I never bothered.

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@dwigtk: Cool, thanks for sharing your process. Smart thinking designing in a CAD program first so you could experiment with layouts.

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Pretty cool. I've been wanting to do some woodwork myself.

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If anyone is interested in plans I can either post them here or if they PM me I can send you the Sketchup file that I made for the blocks

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It's quite badass.

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I want it so bad.

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That's really cool. Thanks for sharing your work.

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Excellent work. How did you hang them on the wall? It seems like they could have a lot more weight than a standard single shelf. I am not seeing any brackets so really curious what you did and sturdy it is.

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At first I didn't realize they're tetris blocks but that looks pretty cool all on it's own too.

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Goddamn you're cool.

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Love it.

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@tycobb: I hung them with standard cabinet mounting screws. They are about 3" long and I made sure that every Tetromino has at least 2 screws that are hitting studs in the wall. As for sturdiness, I don't know if I would hang off of them, but they should be as strong as any other household cabinet that you would fill with plates and bowls.

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A nice wooden arcade stick or even a full MAME cabinet could be an awesome project if you have the time/tools/funds/skill.

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wow man, that's pretty cool.

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@bbalpert:A full MAME cabinet is the next project. Buttons, joysticks, trackball etc. are on its way to my house right now. Keep and eye on the Off-Topic threads because I plan to document all of my work as I go through the project. If you want to check the artwork progress (or do a design yourself) check it out here.