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This is a really neat game. It's got an element of time pressue, it's a clever theme and the mechanics are really simple, but interesting. I don't know that I've played anything quite like it and thought it was pretty fresh. I'm excited to see where it goes as it gets to a full release.

If you heard about this on the bombcast and were thinking about giving it a try you definitely should. The beta takes about an hour or so but the content is pretty good the whole time.

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Agreed, it was nice to play something that truly is different from anything I've played before. Really glad Jeff brought it up this week.

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Just downloaded it. I have to agree that it's strangely interesting. Definitely worth seeing.

Download it here if you're interested: http://dukope.com/

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Yeah I played this last night. Thought it wasn't just a great idea but executed really really well. Only issue that I had was that it didn't seem possible to get enough money? Maybe just need to play again from the start and try harder.

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@mrfizzy: Yeah I had problems with money as well. I think I was taking too long looking through everything, gonna try it again tonight and speed up a little so I can keep my family alive longer than 6 days lol.

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Huh, I just completed all 8 days and I didn't have any problems with money, though I did scrape through a couple of times. I think you have to not be scared of being wrong and just get people through; you get three(?) mistakes without money penality, and even after that its only ten credits. Overall, I think its a really cool game, I would love an iPad version.

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I didn't know how to spend the money. I clicked on buy medicine and heat and food, it would take away the earnings down at the bottom, but it seemed like it never registered because people just kept getting sick. Don't really understand why that happened. Great game otherwise though.

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Thanks alot to Jeff for pointing me towards this little gem. I really enjoyed it. Whacked my name down to hopefully appear in the full game and quite excited to play it. Definitely some interesting concepts going on in the beta, I really liked the aesthetic too.

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Didn't know that I actually had to choose to buy medicine and my son died :(

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It's a really cool concept. I think with the rest of the game fleshed out a la Cart Life, it would be really compelling.

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After playing the beta of this game, I am ready to slap down money for the finished product, the concept for this game is so cool.

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It's pretty easy to find, but just in case, here's the link to get your name possibly in the final version.

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I tried to play this yesterday and it would crash every time I started it. Not a bluescreen, but a "...exe has stopped working" message.

Bummer. It looks like such a great concept for a game.

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By day 4 my entire family was dead from illness even though I was bringing in a surplus of money. It's pretty fun but at one point having to check their entry permit against their passport and then double check the dates on their work permit with how long they're saying starting getting a bit taxing.

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I really want to play this but whenever I try to run it I get a screen full of circles with Xs in them. The music plays fine and sounds great though.

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I tried this on their recommendation and found it to be a fun little experience. I would love for it to be longer, and I'm sure more is coming since the game isn't finished. It just goes to show that if you have a good concept and execute it well, even if it's simple, it can be fun.

Glory to Aristotzka!

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For anyone interested, the creator is saying that the next version out should be the final. Also he is looking to have the final version last for 30 days.

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I played the browser version of the game on the guy's site. it sounds like I should download the game for a more in-depth experience. I really like the ideas behind "empathy games" like Papers Please and Cart Life.

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I never thought I would enjoy a game that could be described as an "Immigration Officer Simulator" but here I am. I am definitely going to buy the final version.

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I tried to play this yesterday and it would crash every time I started it. Not a bluescreen, but a "...exe has stopped working" message.

Bummer. It looks like such a great concept for a game.

It crashed for me on start up too, I have an AMD card and installed the 13.3 beta 3 catalyst drivers and now it works fine.

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@jewunit: I think the browser version is very early. It doesn't contain any where near as many features from the downloadable beta.

Really awesome game just from concept but the execution is great. I'm a bit crap at it though as I spend ages checking everything (location, issuer, rules, seals, d.o.b, etc) and I always slip up on gender.

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Can't get past day 2 on the Mac. Beta 0.5.5 says it fixes a progression bug on day 2, but someone jumps the wall and then the guard just shoots at him over and over until you finally give up and just exit the game.

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I'm stuck on day 3 on the newest PC version :(

Guy comes up to the window and doesn't present a passport, just sits there.

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@gatekeeper: Open the rulebook and select "all entrants must have a passport" Then click the desk in front of the guy and you can tell the guy that he needs a passport. He will leave but don't worry, you'll see him again!

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I like it and got really into it. I just wish there was some sound. (though, I hear some people are saying there's sound. ha)

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I am willing to spend as much money as possible to make this a full game. Thanks Jeff.

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Am I doing this right?

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@sexytoad: You missed a spot. Also that guy kind of reminds me of Freddie Mercury.

Anyways, I can;t wait for the full game to be fleshed out, because it is really addicting.

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@sexytoad: That guy is absolutely a terrorist. Good job.

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How exactly do I run the scanner on the immigrants before letting them in?

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Nevermind, looks like you click on the rule book, then click on the immigrant.

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So...this is probably a spoiler, but what is up with that one guy who comes up every day with fake passports, no papers, etc? Anything happen if you let him in?

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I am willing to spend as much money as possible to make this a full game. Thanks Jeff.

When did Jeff talk about it?

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@simkas: I He mentioned it on the bombcast about a month ago.

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How the hell do you search people?

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I wanna see them play more of this.

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@sagebirt said:

How the hell do you search people?

If they're from the country that needs searching click the country name on their passport and the rule that says the people from that country must be searched.

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Played through the beta after Drew's segment on the live show last night, so much fun. Can't wait to see the full game.

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Ya it's really quite compelling. I'd love an iOS version, I could see the touch being really intuitive and just feel natural.

I finished it last night and man, the scanner stuff is all kinds of fucked up. Wish it would go past day 9 though, will definitely keep my eye on it

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@sackmanjones: he had a gun taped to his buttocks, you HAD to scan him!

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Best thing is that does scanners are used in airport checks now. Only then random means "hot woman" not Hastonian

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Played through the beta. Was interested after Jeff talked about it, more interested after seeing it live. Really looking forward to full version.

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Played this again today. I had played the browser one before but after watching the Friday show, I downloaded the exe beta. It's really good. At the end of 8 days my family was healthy and warm so I guess I win. I wonder what the black square paper was for. I let the guy through whose name was on the back and nothing happened.

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Anybody else miss the gender ones all the time? If the picture matches, not sure why I have to question it...

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I let my mother-in-law die right off the bat, why should I care for her rather than feeding food and medicine to my one and only son? I wish you could feed people individually.