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So I got my PC that my dad's friend built for me. I curiosly opened up the side panel and looked inside. Then I was like ok. Just gona put the panel back on now. So I did. But I drove in the screws like a total idiot and dumbass. I didnt drive them in at a complete 90 degrees angle as you should but they went a bit off, which made the holes on the side panel expand a bit.

Will anything bad happen? At the worst I could see the screws being more loose but even that not by much.

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No, I don't think so.

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In the long run that might become a pain in the ass when you have to open the case again, but there won't be any negative consequences besides that.

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No, it will be fine.

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@2headedninja: because i can unscrew the screws just fine if i want to open the case but yea screwing them in its a bit tight in there. oh well shouldnt be anything bad

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You ruined it, throw that thing out. It is now evil and will steal your money. It will also lose save files at random.

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Not bad in the short term but over 6+ months the computer will get more dust bunnies in it than it should. Just keep Home Depot in mind the next time you go out that way and when you're there pick up some screws that are the next size up.

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Guys I just coughed in front of my monitor

will anything bad happen

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@sooty: should probably get a new graphics card

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@sooty said:

Guys I just coughed in front of my monitor

will anything bad happen

@sooty: should probably get a new graphics card

I loved this. New Graphics Card is an answer to any PC problem that I would accept, either real or imagined. That, or "rebuild the entire thing" or "just build a new one" are also acceptable.

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No, it's fine. Sometimes that just happens. It's happened to me, too.