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This is extremely impressive. Someone filmed themselves using Remote Play through their phone's wireless network and it actually seemed usable.

Certainly not perfect or optimal, but the fact that it even works to this degree over a phone shows a ton of promise for using it somewhere with actual WiFi.

I believe on the PS4 stream the guys said (I may have misheard though) that you needed to be on the same connection for Remote Play to work, which Sony has stated (and this video proves) is not the case.

Actual gameplay starts around the 3:30 mark.

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seems pretty responsive.

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For certain games I can see this feature being unusable; I'd certainly never want to try playing multiplayer games on remote play outside of the range of the Ps4, and games like Resogun are very precision-focused, but for slower paced games, and RPGs, if this worked over the internet reliably, this could be a really really incredible thing.

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That's really impressive.

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That's pretty damn cool.

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That shit's crazy.

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I used to use Remote Play on PS3 to play PS1 games while I was leeching the public wifi in a bathroom while at work. Totally playable and responsive. Tried BlazBlue since I heard it was compatible, no bueno, total lag fest. So I figure for anything downloadable or single player for PS4 this should be more than serviceable once you find a strong wifi connection.

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Promising although not sure if its a feature I would use. Hopefully there eventually will be a Vita and PS4 bundle.

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I'd never use remote play for any distance further than like 2 or 3 rooms, but it's still really cool that this is possible.

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@rapid: See, I have a Vita, and the idea of being able to play my PS4 while at family gatherings (which I go to all the time) without needing to bring my PS4* sounds awesome. It is going to totally depend on how well it works over home wifi though.

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Used this tech years ago with PS3. It's laggy at best over the internet.

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That's a great way to use up my 500MB of wireless data!

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Oh man, I can't wait to get a PS4 and only have to bring my Vita with me. This is going to be great.