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Latest CoroCoro is here dawgs and with it some sweet new X and Y reveals!

1. Starter Evolutions!

2. Mega Garchomp!

3. New Mega Mewtwo, making two of them. This one is called Mega Mewtwo Y, and is exclusive to Pokeman Y.

4. And here's some less exciting new Pokemon! Includes new fossil Pokemon!

Other features like hair styling are also discussed, but this is the real cheese right here.

A couple days ago I reported a rumor of a bunch of Mega Evolutions and though it is probably BS, Garchomp was on that list and now confirmed. Hoo boy.

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I like that mega version of mewtwo more than the other one

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For anyone unaware, those starter evolutions are just the middle evolutions, not the final ones. I can't say I'm too thrilled with their designs.

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