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Some of you may have heard Patrick talk about Resident Evil 1.5 on several occasions on the bombcast. In short, Resident evil 1.5 was an 80+% complete version of Resident Evil 2 that was canceled. Fans (myself included) have always begged for an opportunity to play this heavily finished build because there was a variety of gameplay and screenshot footage released. There have even been a couple of obscure losers over the years who have posted videos of themselves playing 1.5 just to keep everyone guessing.

You can google for the full story as well as how to play the released 1.5 and how all of this has come to be. A groups of hackers have released a work in progress version they have adapted using a copy of Resident Evil 1.5 that they obtained. Anyone who has mild interest in this should check it the hell out, to me it is an absolute treasure that I have dreamed of playing for YEARS. Find below roughly an hour and a half of me messing around with this admittedly buggy and unfinished build. There is still a group working to polish and "complete" this unfinished gem from circa 1998. There are currently 2 youtube "making of" videos the group has posted showing a few things they are doing to make this a playable experience. I plan to play some more in the coming days this week and you can bet that I'll be keeping my eyes open for future updates. You can probably expect Patrick to make mention of this story if/when he catches wind, it's super exciting for any old school Resident Evil fans :)

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I was kind of bummed that there was no working ammo in the build.

But I was able to make the police chief appear by stand on a crate. His head inflated like Christopher Lloyd's in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

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Looks interesting!

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