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After putting in well over 70 hours, the current state of the game is Alpha, obviously, but the mass item duplication among player who aren't hacking, means that a large majority of players are resorting to this behavior to have fun. You can see this flippantly only 30 minutes after a server wipe, where there are 10 story structures, and compounds that look like modern day prisons. Sadly, anyone who wants to play the game without stuping to this level will only result in feeling disappointed, as you'll have Kevlar wearing, M4 wielding mercs (some with aimbots) who go around and murder everyone, including fresh spawns, all in the amount of time it'll take a veteran Rust player to tech up to your first pistol and shotgun (45-60 minutes), which means that you'll find yourself with a lack of any reasonable means to combat the OP raiders that often work in groups of 3 plus.

Just wanted to share our experience in its current state. Even with active admins on the server, duping can't be detected or proven, and even worse, admins using their power to spawn in items galore.

Such a great game, but it's something I'd recommend all newcomers to stay away for awhile.

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It's in early access...isn't this kind of stuff to be expected?

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@mb: I wouldn't disagree, but that's not always the case or expectation, nor is it always fact. Alpha is alpha. I just want to paint a clear picture of the current state for would-be purchasers. Certainly not a knock on the game, just a factual account.

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@drewmaw: At least the devs find out about this now and can fix it before release. Always good to let people know about this stuff.

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@capum15: absolutely. It's always a concern for me though when small indie teams get sidetracked by never-ending losing battles with those who hack and exploit the game, leaving little time for intended improvements to gameplay. Even larger developers fall to this trap too, sadly.

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"Sadly, anyone who wants to play the game without stuping to this level will only result in feeling disappointed (...)"

I have to strongly disagree on this one. Me and my friends are playing this game without any hacks or other exploits, and we are enjoying the hell out of it! I guess some servers are better than other, we have been exposed to cheaters and exploiters on different servers, but we are in no way "feeling disappointed". Just want to get that in here that some people will enjoy the game even in its current state. (Also, it's still in alpha, so many problems will get sorted out later on in development).