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Now this sounds like the Saints Row we have all become acustomed to and love. Dupstep Guns and Superpowers, What's next to come out the Violition/Deep Silver Camp.

Oh and also Mech's

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I'm sure when Enter the Dominatrix was slated to originally release as DLC, a dubstep gun would have been much funnier.

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This never actually came out, did it?

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I really hope Volition won't come off as "trying too hard". I don't want SR4 to dilute SR3's uniqueness and awesomeness.

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Yeah, GTA 5 is coming out around the same time, and it's been in the works for years. I had my Saints Row 3 fun recently, and this game is a DLC-turned-game thats been in the works for months.

I'll enjoy GTA 5 THEN enjoy Saints Row 5 that will incorporates GTA5's innovation. Same way I enjoyed SR2 after San Andreas and 3 after IV. You play the original game first, then you play the parody :P

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Dubstep guns? Eww talk about trying too hard.

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I really hope Volition won't come off as "trying too hard". I don't want SR4 to dilute SR3's uniqueness and awesomeness.

I kinda feel it will turn into this but we will see.

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Remember how awful all the marketing and preview material was for Saints Row The Third? Remember Whored mode? Everything outward about those games seems like trying too hard. If I were to describe what happens in those games out of context, it would seem like trying too hard.

What made it click in three was the writing that tied it all together, with the right level of deadpan and selfawareness to make the dumb ideas work. There's nothing to suggest any different here. It could go either way, but I'm certainly not worried.

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I have just one question: Does being the President mean that I have to stop wearing my snazzy purple fursuit? 'Cuz if it does, I'm out.

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No one game can have all that dubstep.

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This sounds utterly fucking retarded...

...which is exactly what I'm looking for in a sequel to SR3.

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rofl xD dubstep guns so random xD lol

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@toowalrus: So far as I can tell it's included in the "Blow it Up Again" dlc. I was curious about it after seeing your post, so that's apparently how that turned out

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@49th: Well, not really random. Dubstep Guns isn't a totally original idea.

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That said, I'm down for some dubstep guns in my Saints Row.

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@49th said:

rofl xD dubstep guns so random xD lol