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So I'm invested in the social hub in Sleeping Dogs. To anyone who started a new game, did it reset your social hub stats? I know it's a simple question, I googled it, found nothing and was just need to know before starting a new playthrough.

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@thabigred: I have zero investment, so I tested it for you. All of my stats accrued from my original playthrough were listed in there after getting access to the social hub in a new game. Seems like it's tied at a profile level, so you should be good to keep chasing those scores and things on a new playthrough. I'm on PC (Steam), btw, but I assume it ties in similarly on 360 and PS3.

Aaand now I'm playing more Sleeping Dogs. I forgot how great this game is.

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@jjweatherman: Thanks JJ. I'm on PC as well. This game is so great.

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We have some new features coming for the Social Hi=ub stats on SleepingDogs.net coming soon, I can drop a little note here to let you know when they're live if you like?