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Two separate DLC packs have been made available on XBLA; one that adds 8 new playable characters, and one that adds 24 new Deathmatch levels.

The new playable characters include Eskimo, Robot, Viking, Round Girl, Round Boy, Cyclops, Ninja, and Golden Monk:

Both packs are 160 points ($2) each.

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i would totally use a robot if i had that game.

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Yay advertising

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I did not get this game on XBOX still running the free on the PC and loving every minute of it, paying real money is over rated.

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I love the art style for the Xbox version plus the controls are tighter. Kinda wish the DLC was a new world to the adventure mode. Still got the new characters.

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Would rather pay for new worlds, enemies, and objects.

And a shopkeeper survival mode where you start in a map with 5 auto pissed off shopkeepers and no other enemies, but you play the game like normal.