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I bought this simply because the game will allow you to go from the ground to space. Who else is with me?

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Actually, I think I'm going to go buy some fetuses...

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The wiki says its a free to play game, with zero releases. What exactly did you buy?

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Already bought it before. Is amazing. Would love to play with some people.

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Been playing it for a long time now and it's been getting better since it's first release.

Fun game, and awesome idea.

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The trailer looks awesome though a lot of that stuff isn't in the game. I'm most interested in the space stuff.

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I actually was pretty interested in it before seeing it on UF. What I saw convinced me to buy it once there's a price drop.

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Fuck no. It is so janky and unfinished and I have yet to see anything that'll really make it better other than a few novelties than minecraft.

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I just bought it and play more then an hour and was enjoying it, but then again I like the jankyness but wish it had controller support and the crafting was handled better. But it definitely scratches the same itch as minecraft.

I also played it when you could d/l it for free and that was 10 times worse than this. But I bought it to support this crazy game and I see it more as a donation with the hope I'll get a good and crazy game out of it.

I will be going back to it because I didn't do everything i wanted to do in the hour I played it.

if anyone has a server hit me up I'd like to try out the multiplayer.