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You need to play this with an arcade stick. Using Joy2Key you can map any controller or joystick to work with the game but I felt that the controller doesn't feel right. The speed and precision necessary for the game does not translate well to a d-pad and it is utterly impossible to use a control stick. The best possible way to play this game is with an arcade joystick. I highly recommend this game and at less then 5 dollars with the current sale there is no reason for anyone to skip it.

I ran into some issues setting up the stick due to Joy2Key only listing the button numbers so to help people out I have written out my instructions for what I found to be the best setup.


X - Y - RB - LB

A - B - RT - LT

A = Jump

B = Magic

X = Weapon Attack

Y = Range Weapon

RB = Bombs

LT= Menu

LB + RT are not used

JOY2KEY mapping

Before starting to map select the Others tab and check Use POV Switches

POV = arrows

1 = Arrow Up

2 = Space

3 = Z

4 = X

6 = C

9 = Escape

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Hmmm, I'm using the keyboard and it feels responsive enough for me. But I also suck at those kinds of games :D.

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They patched in controller support I believe.

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Yea, it's been patched. The d-pad doesn't work on the 360 pad as they are waiting for an update to their extension to fix issues with it, which will be patched in later.

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Now has native support for 360 pad. They've even been so kind as to map the buttons correctly for it by default. Analog stick is perfectly adequate control if you turn the up=jump toggle off. Arcade stick would be ideal, I agree, particular if you have a square gate, as down-forward/backward diagonals are extremely useful and you want to be able to go directly to them without doing the analog stick wiggle dance to feel it out.

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The game supports other controllers besides the 360 controller. I'm using my old Logitech Dual Action and it works perfectly after setting up the button configuration the way I like it.

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Why do people use Joy2key seriously, it's horrible. Use Motionjoy, that's a much better software and it works with any controller as long as it's USB.