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About a half year ago I played the first episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead. I bought the rest of the episodes last week and want to play through the complete season now. Since it has been some time that I played the game I don't really remember all the choices that I made (I remember the major ones though). Should I go back and replay the episode before jumping in episode 2 or am I good if I just quickly recap the things that happen in the first episode? Or does the game itself give a quick recap of your choices when you start a new episode?

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Each episode gives a recap of the major choices you made in the previous episode.

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The game does give a recap of previous choices, so you probably don't need to. Just remember, the episodes were initially released months apart, so they were designed to take into account that people would be a little bit hazy about the events of the previous episode(s).

Having said that though, none of the episodes are particularly long, and playing through the first episode would be a better refresher than a 30 second recap at the beginning of Episode Two.

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Okay, thanks for the responses! :)

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Maybe I'm late but yes. It's a big story that needs the first episode.

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Also the game is also best with breaks to help you digest each episode. Not 6 months thou :p

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Maybe just watch a let's play? two best friends did one, so if you dont mind people joking, it might help you get recaught up. It might also keep u from being emotionally damaged so you are strong enough to start the next episode. I still have ep5 to get thru after like a 5 month break after ep3. I wanted to marathon thru 4 and 5 but I wasn't strong enough. It took a lot of courage just to get thru ep4.

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Also the game is also best with breaks to help you digest each episode. Not 6 months thou :p

That's a matter of taste. I prefer to gorge on my media, breaks are for the weak.

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To each their own, but since I like to marathon my stuff I would go back and play it. It's pretty short. I ended up losing my save of the game after beating episode one the first time around because I uninstalled the game and forgot to back it up. So when the other ones came out I had to start over. It's probably the weakest episode of the bunch, but if it's been that long I would do it. If you can clearly remember all the story beats and don't mind getting a random seed for your choices for that one episode, then I would just start on two and go from there.

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I'd go back through it again if I were you, it's still pretty enjoyable to replay.

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I recommend play one too.