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Is it me or did this game get announced out for no where? (granted I was not paying attention to gaming news a lot last year but still)

I was looking for a game like trials for the PS3 and bam someone showed me this. I am quite excited for this, hopefully their will be user created levels.

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@g0df4th3r: There are no user created levels. I got an early copy of the game today (Valentines Day) from PlayStation. I'm not a fan of the genre but it seems like a good game. I guess. I played both the Vita and PS3 version.

Also, I don't know when it was announced either. Saw an article on it over at the PS Blog like 2 months ago or so. Guess no one really knows about this game.

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It was actually revealed all the way back at Gamescom 2011 as part of the lineup of upcoming games for the Vita, though they called it Urban Trials then.

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This looks like a straight copy of the Trials games on the 360, except for the PS3. I hope it's fun, as they are some of the best XBLA games.

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@spankingaddict: Yeah, two lists. There's no multiplayer. Just racing against other people's ghosts. I don't know about cross-buy since both versions are supposedly different prices. But it has to be. Sony wouldn't put it out without it.

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This is not Trials it more Urban than that

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This is actually a decent game but I think the 15$ price point (12$ if you are a PS+ member) might have been bit to high. Decent levels to play on as well as being hard to five star them.