Anyone want a GB-only horde run?

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So, I'm fed up of many things on horde mode, which I'm otherwise loving. Such things include dudes leaving inside the first 10 waves, dudes leaving on the very first wipe and dudes leaving FOR NO GODDAMN REASON once you get to about 45 or so. So, with that in mind, I'm trying to round up a bunch of gamers who I know (by virtue of them being here) not to be assholes. Looking for 4 people to get to 50, any map, I really don't care, just all I ask from anyone is they don't bail midway through or after the first death. I imagine I'm not the only person suffering from this, so maybe we could get enough people together so that everyone has potential horde partners? Stick your gamertag down here to sign up I guess - I'm Pingu44666, add me at your leisure!

EDIT: Holy crap, that was a better response than I was expecting... Anyone have any preferences for times/days of the week? I'd love to make this a regular, weekly thing. I've also added everyone on here so if you don't have it in you to add everyone yourself feel free to use my gamertag the same way the GBTNT one is and go by friends of friends.

EDIT 2: Figured it would make sense to collect all the tags in one easy list. Add these people, or, if you're feeling particularly lazy just add me and hijack my friends list, all these guys will be on there!





II StLucifer II

Ghetto Bond








Trapper Dave

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@Pingu44: Only just noticed this - I'm up for it. I'll add you and, at the least, hop into a game with you sometime.

My gamertag is Bibamatt.

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I'm game for this too. GT-poozombie. Add away!

#4 Posted by RobotHamster (4235 posts) -

@Pingu44: Sure I'll be up for it GT - Cubanmissile33

#5 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

@P00zombie: @RobotHamster: Adding you both to my friends list.

I jumped into a Horde match with Pingu last night but the host quit or something at 38 and it chucked me out to the menu. Dammit!

#6 Posted by StLucifer (101 posts) -

I'm game for that. GT: II StLucifer II

#7 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

Can I turn on Mutators?

#8 Posted by Canteu (2863 posts) -

I 2 manned this with no mutators. MAN UP SOLDIER!

#9 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

I 2 manned this with no mutators. MAN UP SOLDIER!

Haha. I hear what you're saying, but I don't have any friends that play gears. So, like TC, I've been plagued with quitters. I know the GB peeps will be rad though!
#10 Posted by GhettoBond (76 posts) -

I'm not only up for some Horde mode, but anyone who plays Gears somewhat regularly, please feel free to add my Gamertag to your friends list.

Gamertag: Ghetto Bond

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Why not?

GT: Wurmhat

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mutators are the only reason i've finished wave 50, game full of randoms, did waves 1-49 and wiped on wave 50 about 10 times in a row, then people quit. Turned on super reload, did wave 50 solo on checkout once i drew a bunch of brumaks.

#13 Posted by Canteu (2863 posts) -

@P00zombie: Yeah, I hear you. We only 2 manned it cos the other 3 people left midway through and we just thought "screw it, we can do this". Was sick of restarting over and over cos of quitters. Anyway GLHB.

#14 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

Sweet! I'll be adding all y'all once I make It back to the warm glow of my Xbox. Feel free to add me. GT is somewhere up in this thread.

#15 Posted by GolazoDan (118 posts) -

I'm always doing Horde mode so any Giant Bomb brothers are free to add me, gamertag's GolazoDan. Never really done the versus mode, will try more over Christmas when presumably people will be online a lot. Would like to play Horde with guys I know off-game, be it you guys who I can chat to here or whoever. Randomers are a bit of a lottery.

I've finished Horde once. No mutators on Thrashball. Honestly I think most of the difficulty is in finding people with the staying power and ability to do well and stick with it. We had a good team of decent level 20-30 people, all of similar skill. One guy kept dropping in and out but the others stuck with it throughout which was nice.

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anyone in this thread feel to free to send me FR

gt: Phrali

i will not quit early and i have never been to 50 because everyone drops out all the time.

i work at night and play at strange hours though. like 4 am est every night and other random times.

#17 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

GT: MariachiMacabre

I'm out of town until the 27th but after that I'll be on Gears quite a bit.

#18 Posted by Forceman4077 (49 posts) -

GT: Forceman4077

I'm down, just hit me up.

#19 Posted by bludigi (20 posts) -

Hey guys,

Not sure if you've had a run through yet, but feel free to add me. My gamertag is 'Trapper Dave'.

#20 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -
@DavidPilditch Will add you today! I've jumped in a few times with Pingu and PooZombie so far.
#21 Posted by Jaytow (728 posts) -

The names..... Jaytow

#22 Posted by Gonzo33 (15 posts) -

Haven't played Horde mode yet but I'd love to start with some similar players: GT Gonzo33

#23 Posted by Pingu44 (117 posts) -

@Gonzo33 Added you all.

#24 Posted by Vinny_Says (5907 posts) -

Add me, I'd like to get the 12 waves of Beast on each new map and wave 50 on one of the new maps for Fenix rising


#25 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (423 posts) -

Just got the game a few weeks ago I would love to play some horde mode with you guys! GT AckbarTheGreat

#26 Posted by davidinwrofy (72 posts) -

@bibamatt: Hey, I will be up for this at some point. We're friends on Live now, so if you see me online and you're doing a Horde run, let me know!

#27 Posted by Burns09 (349 posts) -

@AckbarTheGreat:We're friends on live already, I could help you with horde. I've got the achievement long ago but Horde is definitely my favorite mode by far.

#28 Posted by ozzy369123 (46 posts) -

Oh, I do I do


#29 Posted by laserbolts (5439 posts) -

Gamertag devinl preferably one of the new maps since there is a cheevo for it.

#30 Posted by big_jon (6104 posts) -

Anyone still up for this? My GT is Zealotsangheili, send a message so I can my room on my friends list.

#31 Posted by gateht (86 posts) -

Everyone feel free to add me, gamertag: gateht

I'm always looking for a decent private match where people are prepared to go the distance!

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