Are the Season Pass weapon skins the same as the one's you get...

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Are the Season Pass weapon skins the same as the one's you get with that Gears of War 3 controller?

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i bought a controller, epic edition, and season pass and i know that when i went to redeem the code for the controller it said it was already purchased the epic edition was the infected omen skins so the season pass i bought came with liquid metal i believe, but i saw on a ad on the XBL dashboard that the season pass comes with black chrome or black carbon but i never got anything like that.

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@Louis0nFire: You get the Liquid skin pack for buying the Season Pass. It's the last weapon skin in the list of weapon skins, past all the payable ones; it looks pretty slick since it's animated too.

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The liquid metal skin is what you get for the season pass. The controller skins are a totally separate thing. By the way, if anyone has a spare Infected omen weapon skin, I've got a commando Dom code I'm not going to use.

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