Can you play Horde with split-screen and online at the same time?

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Just wondering if I can connect to a bunch of people over Live who are playing split screen and system link. Thanks.

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I don't know about system link but I know you can play splitscreen in online multiplayer.

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Yea but you can't do this with guest so two people in the house have to pay for Live...

#5 Posted by ichthy (719 posts) -

@Druminator: The setup I'm thinking about is two 360s in one house both on split-screen system linked (so 4 people) with only one Gold account, and me online. With everyone 360 connected to Live I think that's just playing online.

Basically what I'm saying friends are cheap and refuse to pay for Gold. :(

#6 Posted by Benjo (101 posts) -

@insicor: Not sure about this set-up in terms of system link. The whole game seems to be set up for 4 player co-op. You can do this no problem through XBOX Live.

#7 Posted by yevinorion (747 posts) -

@insicor: Not 100% on Gears 3, but in Gears 2 you could do this, but both accounts needed to be Gold. My friend recovered his account on my other friend's xbox and they played splitscreen with the other 3 of us in Horde mode. The other downside was they only had one headset. :P

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You'll need extra Xbox Live accounts per person (Gold) for both Beast and Horde. Unless Epic decides to add a social playlist for both modes.

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Indeed you can, have done it before.

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