End of the game question *SPOILERS*

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No really, I will spoil it for you...

So, in the ending cutscene, all of the lambent within close proximity of the machine die, then marcus' father dies. But the queen seems to have no problems with standing right next to the machine.

Does this make her a human or mean that the machine doesn't kill every locust or just mean that I am overthinking it too much?

Seems kinda weird that she would take any longer to die and also seems weird that it wouldn't get all of the locust so I am going to guess it was yet another hint that she is a human?

Anyways... time to go try out that multiplayer...

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It definitely seems to hint that she may not be a locust but we wont know for sure until more info is released.

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You're not the only one to notice that. She's probably human, but unfortunately this is the one area that EPIC decided to not clear up. Sucks.

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Is there a video of this? Owning games is for chumps.

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@FunExplosions said:

Is there a video of this? Owning games is for chumps.

Here is a video. Although you should just find a way to play it, imo the story is legitimately good in this one.

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