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Tried to give it away  to some friends but no one seemed to care, so I figured I'd see if any Bombers want one.  First one to reply gets it.  As soon as I see the reply I'll PM it to you.  Sorry, I only have 1.  If I get anymore I'll make a new post.

#2 Edited by Jothel (937 posts) -

i would like it pelase :)

...*edit* pelease meaning please*...

#3 Posted by Sammo21 (3574 posts) -

OK man, going to look through my email and PM it t you.

#4 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

I also had difficulty convincing friends to take my code, gave it to my 8 year old son, enjoy your cannon fodder guys.

#5 Posted by Sammo21 (3574 posts) -
@buft: I played moderately up until last night when I unlocked the last weekly skin, so I should have everything that carries over to the retail game (weapon skin unlocks, flame skins, thrashball Cole).  Do they have any information out there for everything that officially carries over?
#6 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -
@sammo21: all i know for sure is that the gold retro lancer and the cole train character carry over, i would like to think the flaming weapons do to but i tried asking on twitter and i still have no answers.

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