Horde Mode Boss: Lambent Zerker - Best Strategy?

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Playing with my brother and internet randoms we had a boss round in Horde against a Lambent Zerker on Check Out.

We were doing damage, but only very slowly it seemed. Eventually we were all running out of ammo, even after picking up the dropped weapons, and I ended up spectating the fight of 3 players verses the beast, which went on for a long time before the defeat of our team. We lost twice and everybody else gave up.

Clearly the basic idea is to shoot the boss in the glowing weak spot when it is exposed, so we've got that covered. We beat the Lambent Zerker in campaign (not a spoiler, it was in the E3 reel), but even that fight took a very long time.

I think the map was really working against us, the lack of long sightlines really caused some problems with counter-shooting the charges and dodging w/o getting humped up on map objects.

Do you have any recommendations on how to put her down faster - either the fight is badly paced, or we were missing some key element.

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@Stahlbrand: Because, in all sincerity, the Lambent Zerker will be the hardest boss you face in Horde. If you're on an outdoor map, the Hammer of Dawn can be useful. Otherwise you're relegated to only a select few power weapons (read: Vulcan and/or Oneshot). The worst case scenario is, unfortunately, the most common scenario: the scenario wherein a team of dudes takes potshots at a rampaging Berserker hoping to score a lethal blow. It is for all intents and purposes a war of attrition.
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I was kinda worried about that. The close-quarters, indoor Check Out map must be an especially bad map to draw a L-Zerker on.

The fight takes too long, I much prefer a Brumak or two normal Berzerkers.

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@Stahlbrand: Myself and 3 buddies fought him on checkout last night, as long as you concentrate on the normal guys first and leave him till the end he's really not that tough. Just stand with a low wall between you and him, wait till he charges and opens his chest then just spray him with everything you got. I got killed on the first attempt as I had the Vulcan gun but my team mates were too busy f-ing about at the other side of the map to help me grab it....im not bitter tho....OK....maybe a little.
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My friends and I took her out while she charged, took forever but it worked. Last night we came across the armored Kantus dudes. They are armored like the Berserkers but we found setting them on fire then shooting them up is the best method. I'm not sure if fire affects the Beserker but I am going to try next time fo sho.
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You're going to want a full team of dudes. Kill off any other stranglers. Shoot it in the chest. It will go down, eventually.

I'm having more trouble with the regular Berserker. No Hammer of Dawn means it's just a giant bullet sponge.

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Lighting regular Beserkers on fire works, assuming you have a weapon to do that with.
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Wow...noob sause all of you who said he is a badass...have one person open his chest by making him run and have the other use a dropped mulcher and he is toasty toast gone. Disappointed in all of you "Gamers" out there...but I still have unicorn smelling poo sooo what

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this guy is relatively tough but really not that bad if you are patient.

scorcher opens chest then lancer. dodge when he charges. if no scorcher, just wait and lancer to chest.

the most important thing is to not get greedy and accept that it might take a while. as long as you don't make a stupid mistake like trying to shoot a whole clip into him as he charges you, you'll kill it eventually, just stay alive, PATIENCE.

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@Whipp48 said:

Wow...noob sause all of you who said he is a badass...have one person open his chest by making him run and have the other use a dropped mulcher and he is toasty toast gone. Disappointed in all of you "Gamers" out there...but I still have unicorn smelling poo sooo what

Dig up an old thread just to play the "everybody sucks but me" card... what a valuable addition to the forums.

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Just keep burning that bitch and shooting her in the tits.

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My team and I faced three of these in a Horde run yesterday, on waves 30, 40 and 50! The game was taking the piss. It is very much a war of attrition. Don't get cocky, stay well back, keep shooting and dodging...and eventually it will go down. As one of the posters above mentioned, it's all about patience. Always prioritise survival over emptying your entire clip into it. Do also look around the map for power weapon drops, as well as ammo crates: the game will often give you mulchers, flamethrowers and frag grenades.

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1. Get on a Troika

2. Pepper it till she gets close but make sure she you don't damage it till it charges.

3. Let it get on top of you then open up on her chest.

4. Rinse and repeat.

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